Submission form


Please complete this form and submit as a separate Word document or PDF with your score. A blank Submission Form in Word format can be downloaded  here. 



PSEUDONYM as it appears on your score: _________________________________________


TITLE OF PIECE: ______________________________________________________________


SOURCE OF TEXT: ____________________________________________________________


Please check the appropriate box:

o    I confirm that the text is either in the public domain, or written by myself


o    I confirm that I have written permission from the copyright holder to use this text

NOTE:  In the latter case, we will ask those whose pieces are shortlisted to provide a copy of written proof.




FULL NAME:                                                 _________________________________________


NATIONALITY:                                              _________________________________________



(town, city, etc.):                                         _________________________________________


COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:                           _________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS:                                         _________________________________________



We will ask for further details from those shortlisted in due course.


Thank you for submitting your composition. We expect to contact shortlisted composers by 31st May 2019.


Blank Submission Form in Word format