A review of this year's Bolton Abbey Priory Church Concert

28/10/2012 13:49



The Priory is very fortunate in the quality of musical talent that Colin Crabtree and his team bring before us in the course of our Concert Series. A prime example was the visit of The Manchester Chorale with their conductor Jill henderson-Wild on the 30th June. We had already enjoyed a concert by the Chorale two years ago, and this year they demonstrated even further their versatility and talent. The Chorale, a group of forty a capella singers, were equally confident with pieces from the reigns of both first and second Elizabeths, as well as songs from various parts of the Commonwealth, all part of a programme theme based on the Queen's Jubilee.

They have a considerable stage presence, their facial expressions, and at times their whole body movement, match the style of the piece, whether it is a vibrant Zulu song or the chanting of distant monks. Combined with an almost perfect harmonic and rhythmical ability, the Chorale brings a sublime musical experience. Yet it is by no means completely serious - the reviewer, of a certain age, was taken back to 'Children's Hour' by a chirpily delivered rendering of 'They're changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace' from Georgina Hulse. In spite of the stormy weather outside, this was an evening to cherish.


The Priory Reviewer"