The Armed Man - an audience member comments

06/11/2013 12:35

Dear Manchester Chorale

Not an enquiry, but just a brief email to say how wonderfully you sang at today's Bridgwater Hall concert.
The sound was perfectly balanced, but given the size of the choir I was surprised and pleased to be able to pick out all the underpinning harmonies, not just the soprano line.
I always find The Armed Man a very moving work, but at the end of the concert I had tears on my face and had found myself uplifted, excited and very moved in equal measure.
For a number of reasons I couldn't think of auditioning to join the Chorale, but if you should ever decide to hold a singing day/workshop my partner and I would be very interested.
All the very best for the future


Our Musical Director


Jill Henderson-Wild is now into her thirteenth season with us.

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Our Assistant Musical Director

Dave Robinson

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