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27/11/2012 16:38
There are a few within The Chorale who were there at its inauguration. There are some for whom membership of The Chorale has proved profoundly life changing. There are some who came, sipped the heady wine that is The Chorale, but had to move on. There are many who, having...

27/11/2012 18:01
To discuss booking The Manchester Chorale please contact the Concert Secretary, Paul Trimble: email  or use our Contact Form There are few more versatile choirs than The Manchester Chorale. We normally sing with between 35 and 55 singers but can expand to...
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Our Musical Director


Jill Henderson-Wild is now into her thirteenth season with us.

Jill's biographical notes are in the People page.

Our Assistant Musical Director

Dave Robinson

See the People page for more details